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Dallas Dispute Mediation and “Tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses”

Tiered dispute resolution clauses are included contracts. They specify how disagreements between the parties that are related to a contract will be resolved. Most often, the clause mandates that a type of alternative dispute resolution will be implemented in the event that the parties have a disagreement. Mediation is commonly placed in these resolution clauses. With a tiered dispute resolution clause, the parties may agree to attend mediation to work out their disagreements. These clauses are called “tiered” because the parties proceed to the next step in the clause only if the previous step did not resolve the dispute. For...Read More

Dallas Mediators Encourage ADR Clauses in Texas Contracts

In Dallas, mediators understand that once parties have had a disagreement, it is unlikely that they will be able to agree as to how they should resolve their dispute. Many parties become so frustrated with one another that direct communication becomes fruitless and, in some cases, even counter-productive. For these reasons, most Dallas mediators encourage those involved in a contract to include a dispute resolution clause in its terms. A dispute resolution clause delineates how disputes among the parties to a contract will be resolved. For example, the clause may dictate that the parties will submit their claim to binding...Read More

Predicting the Future of Dallas Mediation

In recent years, Dallas mediation has exploded in multiple types of litigation. Many judges require the parties to attempt mediation before trial time is made available in a case. In a majority of cases, the parties will settle their case during mediation. Because it works, many attorneys encourage their clients to keep the fate of the case in their control by attending Dallas mediation. Today, very few cases actually reach trial, due in part to the benefits of mediation. Once the advantages of mediation were appreciated, many mediation centers were started around the country. Volunteer mediators may help the parties...Read More

Dallas Mediation: What Do We Know? What Can We Expect?

Dallas mediation has enjoyed a high rate of success in a variety of cases. It has been used to settle multimillion-dollar business disputes as well as emotional custody battles. The parties involved in a court case have often appreciated the brevity and reduced expense of mediation. In many Texas courts, the parties are ordered to mediation before they may proceed to trial. The courts enforce mandatory mediation because they believe that the parties may very well be able to settle their dispute themselves, saving valuable court resources. The parties will also save thousands of dollars in legal costs, and may...Read More