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Divorce Mediation: The Role of Counseling

Divorce mediation is a unique method that allows couples to settle issues arising in their divorce cases. During divorce mediation, a mediator serves as a neutral and helps the parties to find and create ways to resolve their disputes. Where a family court judge makes decisions for the parties, in mediation, the parties decide how they will settle their own case. Thus, divorce mediation gives the parties a significant amount of control over their future. Without the expertise of the mediator, however, the parties may not reach agreement. The mediator’s role is not only to help the parties negotiate, but...Read More

Mediating Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes can become costly and permanently damage the relationships between family members. In many inheritance disputes, the parties involved must seek assistance from the Texas court system. It may take months or years before these cases are resolved. Many families have successfully mediated these disputes, and have preserved their relationships while doing so. One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that, in most cases, the parties maintain their relationship after mediation has concluded. Inheritance disputes are stressful and emotional, and many relatives never speak again after fighting one another over inheritance matters. However, mediation encourages the parties to...Read More

The Benefits of Medical Malpractice Mediation

Medical malpractice cases involve allegations against medical professionals for some sort of negligence. These cases are notoriously expensive to litigate, and often wind their way through the court system for several years. Fortunately, medical malpractice mediation is available as an alternative to litigation. Medical malpractice mediation is a private, confidential process that allows the parties to decide how they will resolve their case. Most individuals are not enthusiastic about having their personal medical records examined by a judge and jury. However, in a medical malpractice trial, this is exactly what will happen. Medical photographs are also likely to be displayed...Read More

Divorce Mediation in Dallas Texas: Helping Your Kids Adjust

One of the worst parts of divorce is the impact it can have on children. These children must adjust to single-parent households after living with both parents for their entire lives. Although every child is different, and some will adjust better than others, there are steps parents may take to help their children handle the divorce. Choosing divorce mediation is an example of such a step. During divorce mediation, the parties may create a custody and visitation schedule that is tailored to their children’s specific needs and may agree to other provisions to lessen the impact of the divorce on...Read More