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Do You Need a Texas Business Bankruptcy Attorney?

If you think that your business should declare bankruptcy, you should immediately hire a Texas business bankruptcy attorney.  Although many business owners think that they can represent themselves and their companies during bankruptcy proceedings, the truth is that bankruptcy law can be confusing and complicated.  Proper legal representation is key to protecting your business.  Hiring a Texas business bankruptcy attorney may allow your business to remain in operation. There are several different types of bankruptcy filings one may make on behalf of a business. The type of bankruptcy chosen will largely depend on whether the debts of the business will...Read More

Why Use Arbitration in Dallas TX?

Most individuals have heard of arbitration.  You have probably signed a contract that stated arbitration would be used if some sort of dispute occurred as a result of that contract.  However, what are the benefits of arbitration in Dallas Texas and why should you agree to use arbitration in Dallas Texas to resolve a conflict? Arbitration provides the parties with the same benefits as a non-jury trial, but without the some of the expenses and delays.  By the time a trial starts, the parties may have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs.  The parties grow increasingly...Read More

Choosing a Texas Arbitrator

Choosing a Texas arbitrator is one of the most important decisions you will make in your case.  An arbitrator serves as a decision-maker in arbitration proceedings.  During arbitration, evidence and testimony are presented to the arbitrator, much like it would be to a judge in a trial.  After hearing the evidence and testimony, the arbitrator issues a binding decision.  Appeal of an arbitrator’s decision is difficult and limited.  Therefore, it is important to choose a Texas arbitrator who will understand the laws and facts of the case. Arbitrators do not have to be attorneys, although they serve as informal judges...Read More

What to Expect in Commercial Arbitration in Dallas TX

Commercial arbitration in Dallas Texas is used to resolve commercial disputes, which are disputes that arise among business entities.  Commercial arbitration in Dallas Texas has multiple advantages.  However, many individuals are wary of arbitration because they do not know what to expect.  By better understanding the commercial arbitration process, you will be able to focus on what is happening in your case. Arbitration is much less formal than court, but it still has procedural and evidentiary rules.  Typically, either a single arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators will preside over the case.  Just as in court, the parties, generally...Read More