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Have You Considered Dallas Mediation?

Mediation refers to the alternative dispute resolution procedure where parties to a dispute agree to allow a neutral third-party mediator to facilitate negotiation communications between them with the goal of helping them reach a mutually acceptable settlement agreement. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential and non-adversarial process of resolving disputes in a way that allows the parties to avoid the cost and time of a court battle. If you are involved in a dispute, you may want to consider the advantages of using Dallas mediation to achieve resolution. Dallas mediation can help you resolve your conflict in a much more timely...Read More

Do You Need a Dallas Arbitration Attorney?

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties to a dispute agree to have their differences resolved by a disinterested third-party called an arbitrator at an informal arbitration hearing instead of going to court. An arbitration hearing is less formal than a courtroom trial, but more formal than mediation or negotiation. The arbitrator reviews the evidence, hears arguments and testimony from the parties, and then makes a decision on the matter. A Dallas arbitration attorney is an attorney that works as an arbitrator. The next time you are involved in a dispute, contact a Dallas arbitration attorney to find...Read More

Consider Civil Mediation in Dallas Texas

Civil mediation in Dallas Texas is an alternative dispute resolution method that has enjoyed increasing popularity, as it allows parties to a legal dispute to reach a settlement agreement without having to go to court. Since lawsuits are notoriously expensive and time-consuming, civil mediation in Dallas Texas has proven to be more efficient and cost-effective than traditional litigation in the Texas court system. Mediation boasts high settlement rates because the disputing parties are brought together in an environment conducive to open communication and cooperation where they can feel free to present their position in front of a neutral mediator. Mediation...Read More

What is Divorce Mediation in Dallas Texas?

Divorce court has a reputation for being nasty - because it is. The traditional court system is adversarial by nature, which tends to exacerbate already existing tensions and resentments among divorcing couples. However, divorce mediation in Dallas Texas is a non-adversarial alternative to divorce litigation. If you are ending your marriage and are seeking a less-costly, time-consuming and contentious alternative to divorce court, you should seriously consider participating in divorce mediation in Dallas Texas to obtain a settlement agreement that both you and your spouse can agree on. Divorce mediation is usually a one or two day process where an...Read More