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What to Expect From Arbitration in Dallas TX

Most of the time, arbitration in Dallas Texas occurs because of an arbitration clause in a contract wherein the contracting parties have agreed to resolve any contractual disputes through arbitration rather than in the Texas courts.  These types of arbitration clauses are often included in a variety of common consumer contracts, including credit cards, health insurance, home repairs, and car loans.  If you are involved in a contractual dispute that requires your case to be arbitrated, you need to know what to expect from arbitration in Dallas Texas. Some arbitration clauses require the use of one of the large arbitration...Read More

Do You Need a Dallas Arbitration Attorney?

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method for resolving legal disputes outside of the traditional court system.  Whether arbitration is mandated by a court, a contract, or is agreed to by the parties to a dispute, arbitration can be a good alternative to a time-consuming and costly lawsuit.  In order to participate in arbitration, you will need to find a competent Dallas arbitration attorney with specialized knowledge in the area of law relevant to your legal dispute.  Contact a Dallas arbitration attorney to find out whether arbitration is a good option for you. The arbitration process involves a less formal...Read More

Mediation Can Help Resolve Inheritance Disputes in Dallas Texas

Unfortunately, inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas are not uncommon.  Long-standing familial resentments and sibling rivalries can come to a head when a family inheritance is involved.  If the dispute escalates into a lawsuit, the adversarial nature of litigation can potentially tear a family apart.  However, in spite of the contentiousness of these types of family disagreements, inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas can be mediated in order to avoid the expense, time and strife of a court case. Inheritance mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method whereby a neutral mediator facilitates effective communication between the disputing parties with the goal of...Read More

Is Divorce Mediation in Dallas Texas Right for You?

While no one would describe divorce as being a friendly experience, it is possible to have a more amicable divorce than some people may believe.  For some divorcing couples, divorce mediation in Dallas Texas is a better option than litigating their divorce through the adversarial family court system.  While mediation may not be for all divorcing couples, divorce mediation in Dallas Texas has become increasingly more popular since it is usually less costly, less time-consuming and less stressful than a traditional litigated divorce. Divorce mediation involves a neutral third-party mediator who assists the divorcing couple in their efforts to reach...Read More