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Why Inheritance Disputes in Dallas Texas Should Be Mediated

One of the few events that can cause more damage to a family than a divorce is a will contest after the passing of a family member.  These inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas can sometimes drag on for many years in the court system at a great financial and emotional cost.  Mediation is usually the best method for resolving inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas without permanently damaging familial relationships. Inheritance disputes are often the result of a lifetime of conflicted emotions and expectations between or among relatives.  Mediation can be a particularly helpful tool in the context of an inheritance...Read More

The Advantages of Medical Malpractice Mediation in Dallas Texas

Medical malpractice mediation in Dallas Texas is a less expensive and time-consuming method of reaching a medical malpractice settlement agreement without the stress and legal fees related to an extended court battle.  Parties to a Texas medical malpractice claim can mediate their dispute before litigation has begun and still reserve their right to proceed to court if they are unable to reach an out-of-court resolution.  If you are considering filing a medical malpractice claim, consider medical malpractice mediation in Dallas Texas before you invest time and money in a lawsuit. Medical malpractice mediation employs the skills of a trained mediator...Read More

Three Common Myths About Divorce Mediation in Dallas Texas

Divorce mediation in Dallas Texas has become a more utilized method for divorcing Texas couples to reach a marital settlement agreement out of court.  The majority of couples that participate in divorce mediation in Dallas Texas are satisfied with the results because mediated divorces are usually less stressful, costly and time-consuming than those resolved by a divorce court.  However, despite all the benefits of divorce mediation, many people still do not have a clear understanding of how the process really works. Here are some of the more common myths related to mediated divorces. Myth #1: One spouse can easily dominate...Read More

Facilitative Versus Evaluative Civil Mediation in Dallas Texas

Civil mediation in Dallas Texas is available for parties to civil disputes who would like to resolve their differences without having to go to court. Practically any legal dispute can be resolved with the assistance of a trained mediator helping disputing parties in their efforts to reach a settlement agreement. If you are interested in civil mediation in Dallas Texas, contact a local civil mediator for a consultation to learn how mediation can work for you. Civil mediation is an out-of-court, non-adversarial alternative dispute resolution procedure where an impartial mediator promotes productive negotiations between or among parties involved in a...Read More