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What to Expect in Commercial Arbitration in Dallas TX

Commercial arbitration in Dallas Texas is used to resolve commercial disputes, which are disputes that arise among business entities.  Commercial arbitration in Dallas Texas has multiple advantages.  However, many individuals are wary of arbitration because they do not know what to expect.  By better understanding the commercial arbitration process, you will be able to focus on what is happening in your case. Arbitration is much less formal than court, but it still has procedural and evidentiary rules.  Typically, either a single arbitrator or a panel of three arbitrators will preside over the case.  Just as in court, the parties, generally...Read More

Mediating a Commercial Dispute in Dallas Texas

A commercial dispute in Dallas Texas can wreak havoc on a business. Commercial disputes involve a disagreement between businesses, or between one or more businesses and individuals. If these disagreements escalate, they may become expensive and may cause serious harm to a business’ reputation. To prevent these disputes from forcing a business to shut its doors, many business owners have used mediation to settle a commercial dispute in Dallas Texas. Commercial litigation is expensive. Attorneys are often paid by the hour for their services and the cases often last for months, or even years. The legal fees in a commercial...Read More

Complex Commercial Litigation in Dallas TX: The Expenses and Delays

Commercial litigation involves a dispute between businesses. These cases may involve contract disputes, debt issues, or disagreements between employees and employers. However, complex commercial litigation in Dallas Texas is a more complicated process. Complex commercial litigation in Dallas Texas usually involves one or more of: more parties, more money, multiple agreements or transactions, and claims flowing from each party against one or more of the pother parties - the businesses involved often have much more to lose than in a simple commercial dispute. Complex commercial litigation is usually very expensive and time-consuming for the businesses involved. In commercial litigation cases,...Read More