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Why Inheritance Disputes in Dallas Texas Should Be Mediated

One of the few events that can cause more damage to a family than a divorce is a will contest after the passing of a family member.  These inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas can sometimes drag on for many years in the court system at a great financial and emotional cost.  Mediation is usually the best method for resolving inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas without permanently damaging familial relationships. Inheritance disputes are often the result of a lifetime of conflicted emotions and expectations between or among relatives.  Mediation can be a particularly helpful tool in the context of an inheritance...Read More

Mediation Can Help Resolve Inheritance Disputes in Dallas Texas

Unfortunately, inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas are not uncommon.  Long-standing familial resentments and sibling rivalries can come to a head when a family inheritance is involved.  If the dispute escalates into a lawsuit, the adversarial nature of litigation can potentially tear a family apart.  However, in spite of the contentiousness of these types of family disagreements, inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas can be mediated in order to avoid the expense, time and strife of a court case. Inheritance mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method whereby a neutral mediator facilitates effective communication between the disputing parties with the goal of...Read More

Mediating Inheritance Disputes

Inheritance disputes can become costly and permanently damage the relationships between family members. In many inheritance disputes, the parties involved must seek assistance from the Texas court system. It may take months or years before these cases are resolved. Many families have successfully mediated these disputes, and have preserved their relationships while doing so. One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that, in most cases, the parties maintain their relationship after mediation has concluded. Inheritance disputes are stressful and emotional, and many relatives never speak again after fighting one another over inheritance matters. However, mediation encourages the parties to...Read More