Complex Commercial Litigation

All litigation is challenging, but resolving complex commercial litigation issues is especially trying because multi-issue, party, or jurisdiction cases require different tactics. This is why it is essential that businesses seek out and work with an attorney experienced in resolving complex commercial litigation issues.

Complex commercial litigation can include:

  • Production and review of large collections of documents and information
  • Depositions of large witness populations
  • Overview of large amounts of data and complex calculations
  • In-depth understands of complex related issues
  • Defense or cross-examination of witnesses
  • Use of technology and software in building the strongest possible case
  • Knowledge of class action lawsuits

You need to work with a Texas business attorney familiar with resolving cases that have all of the above characteristics at both the state and federal levels.

There are also a number of overall considerations businesses have when approaching complex commercial litigation: Are they working within a limited budget? Do they want to send a message? Are they trying to avoid future legal action? Obviously, sending a public message by refusing a settlement is going to have an impact different than settling a matter outside of the courtroom and away from the public eye. These are all things that must be considered when creating a strategic approach to complex commercial litigation.

If you are a business owner and you need guidance or you have questions about complex commercial litigation, I can help. To schedule a consultation, call me at 214.295.9295.

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