Individuals and businesses often face difficult and complex legal issues – the courtroom is not always the best place to resolve them. Though litigation might become necessary, mediation is often the fastest and most efficient way to resolve bankruptcy, financial, and other issues.

Mediation provides a number of benefits to everyone involved in a dispute. A good mediation will ensure that all of the issues involved in a dispute are addressed – not just the narrow issues that can be resolved through the law. Mediation allows everyone to speak their mind and participate in creating an all-encompassing resolution. Judges and juries often oversee cases that involve subjects they do not fully understand. They are given only a limited view of a dispute and must do their best to provide a resolution – often one which is often unsatisfactory to some or all of the parties.

Mediation allows parties to take unorthodox approaches and create tailored solutions to disputes. This means they are able to design a resolution that is unique to the situation and provides everyone involved a satisfactory result.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of mediating a commercial dispute or your Texas business is facing serious financial hardship and you are considering bankruptcy, I can help. I work with business owners who are interested in using mediation to resolve their issues and I can help you create a resolution that allows you to move forward. For more information, call me at 214.295.9295.

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