Practice Areas

Bankruptcy/ Restructuring

An experienced Texas bankruptcy attorney is able to handle the variety of moving parts that make up a commercial reorganization or business bankruptcy case. Even the initial decision of whether to file a bankruptcy case carries with it significant consequences that affect professional fortunes and determine whether a business will even continue to operate.Read More


Individuals and businesses often face difficult and complex legal issues – the courtroom is not always the best place to resolve them. Though litigation might become necessary, mediation is often the fastest and most efficient way to resolve bankruptcy, financial, and other issues. Mediation provides a number of benefits to everyone involved in a dispute.Read More

Creditors' Rights

In this day and age and with the volatile economic circumstances we face, a great deal of attention has been paid to the challenges of debtors. They must live up to their obligations and abide by the terms of their loans, but mention is rarely made of the challenges businesses face when these obligations are not met. If you are a business in need of assistance…Read More

Complex Commercial Litigation

All litigation is challenging, but resolving complex commercial litigation issues is especially trying because multi-issue, party, or jurisdiction cases require different tactics. This is why it is essential that businesses seek out and work with an attorney experienced in resolving complex commercial litigation issues. Complex commercial litigation…Read More


Commercial arbitration is increasingly becoming the first line of defense in business disputes, especially those involving financial issues and a business’s solvency. Though these matters sometimes must be settled in a courtroom, arbitration can save everyone involved time and money, allowing everyone involved to move forward into the future.Read More

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