Three Common Myths About Divorce Mediation in Dallas Texas

Divorce mediation in Dallas Texas has become a more utilized method for divorcing Texas couples to reach a marital settlement agreement out of court.  The majority of couples that participate in divorce mediation in Dallas Texas are satisfied with the results because mediated divorces are usually less stressful, costly and time-consuming than those resolved by a divorce court.  However, despite all the benefits of divorce mediation, many people still do not have a clear understanding of how the process really works.

Here are some of the more common myths related to mediated divorces.

Myth #1: One spouse can easily dominate the other in mediation. 

Fact: A good mediator is trained to notice the power dynamic between the spouses and will use specific strategies to address the imbalance of power.  However, even the best mediator cannot be aware of or doing anything about a power imbalance if it only occurs outside of the mediation sessions.

Myth #2: One party will still have to “serve” the other spouse with a divorce complaint. 

Fact: When mediating a divorce, it is possible to work out all the details in the mediation session, and then file the required divorce documents with the court requesting a hearing for an uncontested divorce.

Myth #3: The divorcing parties must resolve all their issues in mediation.  

Fact: Divorce mediation gives the participating parties the flexibility to execute a settlement agreement on one or more issues, while preserving the ability to have a court decide any issues that cannot be resolved by agreement.

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