Why Inheritance Disputes in Dallas Texas Should Be Mediated

One of the few events that can cause more damage to a family than a divorce is a will contest after the passing of a family member.  These inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas can sometimes drag on for many years in the court system at a great financial and emotional cost.  Mediation is usually the best method for resolving inheritance disputes in Dallas Texas without permanently damaging familial relationships.

Inheritance disputes are often the result of a lifetime of conflicted emotions and expectations between or among relatives.  Mediation can be a particularly helpful tool in the context of an inheritance dispute because the focus is on the needs of each of the family members as well as the family unit as a whole.  Inheritance dispute mediation gives the participating family members the opportunity to share and vent their feelings and concerns, while at the same time working in a cooperative model of dispute resolution to reach a settlement agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved.

Additionally, parties who choose to mediate their disputes typically reach a settlement agreement more quickly than those who decide to litigate.  Since mediators charge hourly or by the session, the expedited resolution time of mediation also decreases the costs involved in reaching an equitable resolution.  In comparison to the sometimes staggering fees and costs associated with a protracted lawsuit, it is no wonder that more and more Texans are choosing mediation over litigation.